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Let’s face facts: there are many of us that would love the idea of a pill that boosts our brainpower. Whether you are a busy professional aiming for a promotion, a college student that needs to ace those upcoming exams, or an older adult that has concerns about dementia, the ability to boost your brainpower is something most of us would love to have.

Having said that, it should come as no surprise that nootropics – which are cognitive enhancers, also known as “smart drugs” – are on the rise. But these smart pills also raise many questions.

How would you like to have a drug that boosts your brain working capacity from 20% to 100%? How would you like to have a prescription that keeps you up on your game every second and minute on the day? From the fiction movie Limitless, we could see the main character, a writer “Bradley Cooper,” that discovered a newly designed drug that could boost his brain capacity to get things done.

Humanity is at its finest. Our advancement in science has unlocked possibilities in biology, transportation, and communication that were formerly thought impossible. And every day, the number of impossibilities become fewer.

With everything advancing so rapidly, it is only logical that the centrepiece of life—humans— evolve as well.

In this article, we dive into the world of nootropic supplements sold by the world’s most prominent retail site, Amazon. We explain in detail things to look out for, how to use nootropics, the advantages of these products, and the top 10 nootropics you can find on Amazon.

When you type the keywords “best nootropics” into any forum that talks about brain supplements, chances are high that you’ll be bombarded with a wide range of results. Almost everyone seems to have a different view on the topic of nootropics.

If you are reading this article, I’m guessing you already know a bit about modafinil and are considering trying it for the first time.

The nootropic has been touted as the closest real-life alternative you can get to the NZT-48 pill from the movie Limitless. Appropriately nicknamed the “Limitless pill,” many modafinil reviews suggest that the drug can increase your brainpower with little to no adverse side effects…