designed to inspire ideas around Biohacking to improve Productivity

Improving productivity isn’t rocket science, but it does require being conscious of how you use your time. This article shares 20 actionable strategies you can use to double productivity, both at work and at home.

Some of these strategies may not apply or work for you. However, if you pick out your favourite 10 and stick to them for the next 7 days, I can guarantee your productivity will double in no time!

How would you like to have a drug that boosts your brain working capacity from 20% to 100%? How would you like to have a prescription that keeps you up on your game every second and minute on the day? From the fiction movie Limitless, we could see the main character, a writer “Bradley Cooper,” that discovered a newly designed drug that could boost his brain capacity to get things done.

To live is to mark time. But to truly live is to make the most of that time.

That is synonymous with saying that to truly live, it is important to be productive because productivity is all about making optimal use of time.

Picture productivity as drinking life to the lees (to the last drop) – every activity you engage in would be done efficiently and completely.

If you are reading this article, I’m guessing you already know a bit about modafinil and are considering trying it for the first time.

The nootropic has been touted as the closest real-life alternative you can get to the NZT-48 pill from the movie Limitless. Appropriately nicknamed the “Limitless pill,” many modafinil reviews suggest that the drug can increase your brainpower with little to no adverse side effects…